Press Release: Cyber Level Ins Teams Up With The Chamber Of Commerce And Industry Of Romania (CCIR)

Cyber Level Ins partners with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania (CCIR) in offering all-around cyber protection for members of the organization. The solutions provided by the cyber insurance company include hackers attacks prevention, data security, 24/7 expert cyber assistance, and financial coverage. Several exclusive conditions provided for Romanian businesses were determined last month at a meeting between the President of CCIR, Mihai Daraban, and Cyber Level Ins’ shareholder and business development consultant, Dan Shomon.

On September 6, representatives of Cyber Level Ins management, together with Dan Shomon who is the former long-time Campaign Manager and Political Director for American President Barack Obama, visited the head office of CCIR to discuss digital protection opportunities for Romanian corporations within the context of accelerated digitalization and the post-Covid business landscape.

The meeting was focused on the collaboration between member companies of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Cyber Level Ins. Cyber Level Ins has introduced diverse full-spectrum cybersecurity packages adapted particularly to local enterprises’ needs. A special program under the name Cyber Umbrella proposing three subscription options for users’ convenience has been presented. All CCIR members can also now benefit from a one-month trial and a free consultation.

CCIR and Cyber Level Ins signed a partnership agreement connecting cybersecurity and insurance experts with the network of the Chamber and its members to help analyze potential risks and establish a safe business ecosystem in Romania. As a cyber insurance provider, Cyber Level Ins has the capacity to perform a complete vulnerability assessment of organizations’ IT infrastructures, and furthermore monitor potential cyber threats, thanks to its in-house Security Operations Center (SOC) which relies on a team of certified cybersecurity experts. 

“At the CCIR level, there is a constant concern about protecting the business environment from cyber attacks, more and more frequent as technology advances. We are considering organizing seminars on this topic so that entrepreneurs will be prepared to adequately respond to such attacks, and the collaboration agreement we signed today with Cyber Level Ins is the first step in this direction. Romanian economy urgently needs foreign investments, with the trade deficit reaching an unimaginable amount of EUR 23.8 billion at the end of last year. Foreign investments will help Romania enter the market with brands with high added value and not with components that appear under foreign names, as is happening now. We want as many strong Romanian brands as possible, with products with a real market value that are well protected from any kind of cyber attacks”, said the president of the CCIR, Mr. Mihai Daraban.

Dan Shomon is consulting Cyber level Ins since its founding. He is an extremely valuable asset to the cyber insurance company with his expertise in international business development and background in government relations. In the course of examining the potential of CCIR and Cyber Level Ins cooperation, he elaborated: “This is not just a cybersecurity partnership between CCIR and Cyber Level Ins. This is a partnership between the U.S. and CCIR as my goal is to bring American companies to the National Chamber and build relationships that benefit our allied countries as well as their corporations. I hope this is the beginning of international business partnerships between Romanian, American, and other European companies. The alliance between the U.S. and Romania should not only be military and security. It should also be about jobs, economic opportunity, and, as is the case today, technological progress. This will be a priority for me now as an official partner of the CCIR”.

Cyber Level Ins has been on the European market for almost two years delivering comprehensive digital protection solutions for large corporations, small and medium businesses, and individual clients. The company is dedicated to designing one-of-a-kind digital protection products that combine cybersecurity technology and educational tools with professional customer support and insurance coverage.

About CCIR

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania is among the most important forums for showcasing Romanian businesses for the last 150 years. The CCIR organization is active in every county of the country the only one to represent the associative network of the business environment on a national level. 

Find out information about the preferential cyber protection program for CCIR members, Cyber Umbrella here.

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