Cyber Lev Business for SME

43% of cyberattacks are aimed at small businesses, but only 14% of the targeted companies are prepared to defend themselves.

What does the cyber policy for small and medium sized companies cover?

We provide you with the latest cybersecurity technology and expertise.  On top, you get insurance coverage. So you stay protected 24/7 and grow your business 24/7.

  • Data Breach Response


  • Expert Help with Handling a Cyber Threat or Cyber Attack


  • Assistance in the Event of Cyber Theft

  • Advice on Circumventing Deny of Access to Office Systems

  • Up to 25 Hours Specialized Help Provided to a Third Party

What are the most common cyber threats?


You or your colleagues can receive an email with harmful information.

Denial of Service

Your systems get totally blocked for a period of time.

Data Breach

Small and medium-sized businesses that handle personal data such as credit card information, can be seriously affected.


Viruses might damage your systems and temporarily or permanently put your business out of order.

How do we guarantee your peace of mind?

We keep your data protected all the time.

We have your functionality restored as soon as possible.

Our Security Operation Center responds immediately to potential threats.

Our experts will minimize the damage done to your systems.

We pay for the cost of repairing or replacing your office computer systems.

What the cyber insurance policy for small and medium sized enterprises does not cover?

  • Physical loss or damage to tangible property, other than damage to your office computer system from a cyber attack or by a hacker.

  • Loss arising from the failure of services from any third party service provider

  • Any loss or damage or liability whatsoever that is coincidental to the purposes of your trade, business or profession

  • The costs or retrieving, repairing or replacing any of your personal digital data including but not limited to photographs, videos or music

  • Any cause that precedes the start of this policy and you know of or reasonably should have known would be likely to lead to a covered claim or loss

  • Infringement of any intellectual property rights.

  • Any costs arising from any kind of business interruption

  • Any costs arising from regulatory fines and penalties including but not limited to GDPR violations, data protection regulations, etc.

  • Forces beyond the insurer’s control, including strikes, accidents, acts of war or terrorism, civil or military disturbances, nuclear or natural catastrophes, and others.

  • Any kind of cyber risk which is not specifically mentioned in this current Insurance Policy, or endorsements thereof, under the present conditions

  • Any incident occurring outside of the country of where your business is located. Cover extension for European Union is available upon request

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Please note that Cyber Lev Ins does not provide advice on your insurance. Please refer to the policy Terms and Conditions to determine whether your insurance meets your expectations and if the coverage guarantees you the appropriate financial protection and/or assistance.

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