Cyber One insurance for large corporations

Cybercrime is booming.  The total losses caused by cyber-attacks globally will soon reach $6 trillion yearly.

What does the cyber policy
for large corporations cover?

We approach your company individually and design for you a tailor-made cyber policy suiting your particular needs. Moreover, our certified cybersecurity experts from our in-house Security Operation Center (SOC) are able to perform a complete penetration test of your computer systems.

First Party Coverage

  • Digital Assets Damage

  • Cyber Business Interruption

  • Cyber Extortion Restriction of Access

  • Breach Response

  • Cyber Terrorism

  • Personal Reputation Cover

Third Party Coverage

  • Privacy Liability Claims

  • Internet Media Liability Claims

  • PCI Security Standarts Related Expenses

  • Regulatory Defense and Penalties

What are the most common cyber
attacks threatening big companies?

Data Breach

A leakage of financial information and confidential files is the worst scenario for organizations that hold clients’ personal data.


The more employees your company has, the bigger the chance for falling a victim of a phishing attack is.


Cyber attackers use ransomware as the most common cyber extortion method.

Insider Threats

Employees might contribute to cyber incidents and business interruption with or without their knowledge.

How do we guarantee your
active protection?

Cyber Lev Ins benefits
We study your business niche and personalize your insurance policy according to your needs and requirements.
Cyber Lev Ins benefits
We have your functionality restored as soon as possible.
Cyber Lev Ins benefits
We pay full coverage to you and your partners.
Cyber Lev Ins benefits
We reinsure you. Our partner is Hannover Re – the third largest reinsurance company in the world with a gross premium over EUR 24 billion.
Cyber Lev Ins benefits
We customize for you advanced technologies for preventing cyber incidents.
Cyber Lev Ins
We provide you with three levels of expert assistance.

What the cyber insurance policy
for large corporations does not cover?

  • Bodily injury other than mental anguish, mental injury or illness, emotional distress and shock

  • Property damage to tangible property other than digital assets

  • War, strikes, riots, nuclear risks

  • Any pre-existing facts, circumstances situations, transactions, events, claims known and / or occurring before the start date or the specified retroactive date of the policy

  • Any prior and /or pending litigation, administrative or regulatory proceeding

  • Intentional, criminal and fraudulent acts by any principal, partner or director of the Insured

  • Professional liability

  • Any failure, outage, or disruption of power, utility services, satellites, or telecommunications external services out of the Insured’s operational control

  • Infringement, misuse or abuse of patent or patent rights, ideas and/ or trade secrets of third parties

  • Infrastructure or Security Failure

  • Security breach caused by a DDoS attack targeting public shared cloud services

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Please note that Cyber Lev Ins does not provide advice on your insurance. Please refer to the policy Terms and Conditions to determine whether your insurance meets your expectations and if the coverage guarantees you the appropriate financial protection and/or assistance.

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