Here you can access Cyber Lev Umbrella, a cyber protection program offered to Romanian companies, members of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry

Cyberattacks are on the rise across the world, and 43% of these attacks are targeting small and medium-sized businesses. Cyber Lev Ins has created an umbrella cyber insurance to ensure your security in the digital space. In response to the cyber attacks that test companies all over the world, Cyber Lev Ins has created a very affordable data and business protection solution for the Romanian business environment.

1. Digital protection against attacks

Protection against viruses, malware and data security breaches; risk assessment analysis by scanning the digital surface of the company

2. Protection against data security breaches

Protection against theft and unauthorized publication of sensitive or harmful data


3. Business protection

24/7 Security Operations Center that intervenes in emergency situations and offers technical support

4. Insurance protection

Compensation for losses caused by attacks or breaches

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< 10 employees
50 per year


< 50 employees
200 per year


< 250 employees
600 per year


> 250 employees
Request a quotation with a 15% discount

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Call 0800 10 200 000 International 24/7 free call Center for Emergency Cyber situations


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