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5 Simple GDPR Privacy Tools That Are Ideal For SMEs

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of data for your business. Especially if numbers are not exactly your area of expertise and your company is not the biggest yet. The initial steps after founding your business are usually small. As your project expands, though, data starts incoming from all directions, and now, instead of finding your way around it, you’re more likely to open space for it.

Data can relate to marketing and customer interactions (disguised) but most often it’s personal details. This kind of information is sensitive. Don’t forget that!

Because a lot of entrepreneurs forgot, in 2018, the EU reminded all of us by introducing the GDPR directive. Shortly after, SMEs realized that the smartest strategy for complying with the requirements for personal data privacy is to utilize technology. We made a selection of the easiest and most affordable data privacy tools.

What is GDPR?

GDPR comes from General Data Protection Regulation and is a set of rules for increasing the control over businesses regarding the way they collect and process data. It also applies to the information users share online and companies retain for marketing purposes – the so-called cookies.


There are multiple types of data and specific sets of recommendations apply to each category. For example, the approach of SMEs toward personal data should not be the same as how they treat anonymous data; sensitive data is on the opposite side of the spectrum from pseudonymous data.

How to pick the right tool then? Rest assured, it’s been four years now since the GDPR became mandatory and tech companies have adapted accordingly. Let’s take a closer look at a few solutions that might just simplify your life.

One Trust

Probably one of the most popular data handling products out there. It’s equally convenient for small and larger companies. One Trust unifies a set of comprehensive tools that facilitate the whole data processing pipeline from the bottom to the top. Some of the handy products that the company highlights are Data Mapping Automation, Privacy Incident Management, and Privacy Rights Automation.

Advantages: market leader, monthly updates.


A full-stack solution for organizations of all sizes. Easy-to-use GDPR compliance software that analyzes access, automates user provisioning, and helps support, demonstrating compliance.

Advantages: fast and accurate, offers a free trial.

Logic Gate

A one-stop shop for data compliance applications. Logic Gate’s Risk Cloud platform allows the development and adaptation of relevant privacy rules.  Logic Gate has the capability to deliver diverse solutions and detailed easy-to-access analytics.

Advantages: flexible, easy to scale.


This is a highly rated cloud-based pack of instruments that document information, monitor data, assess compliance, and even draw a roadmap of regulations. Being a smart and simplified solution, privIQ, has the advantage of real-time interaction with 8 data protection regulations covering 23% of the global economy.

Advantages: intuitive and intelligent.


You can set up this solution yourself or with the help of a Sovy’s specialist. The service also provides expert guidance, e-learning, and advisory. Cloud based like many other tools out there, it promotes increasing data management awareness and sharpening digital culture.

Advantages: affordable and user-friendly.

Final thoughts

Harnessing technology and picking the right tool is vital but it’s not the only condition to keep data in place at all times. Our best advice is to stay up to date with cybersecurity trends and ideally combine prevention tools with insurance. Grow safely and remember to delegate responsibilities!



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